Life Lessons

There are certain things we hope to instill in our girls.  The importance of faith and family are the top two, along with respect for others, good manners and as I’ve mentioned before, chewing with their mouths closed. This past year we have really started working on how we handle money. The girls each have 3 jars, a saving jar, a spending jar and a giving jar. 1/2 the money they earn goes into the savings, 1/4 goes into spending and 1/4 goes into giving.

This year each of the girls had a focus for their saving jar, Pookie wants a dog and Bear wanted an Itouch.

So, Bear went to work this year, collecting bottles and cans, saving all the money ever given to her as gifts or allowance and doing extra stuff for cash.  More importantly she really began to weigh the cost of spending every cent. When given a choice of buying something, we would always chat about whether she really wanted this piece of candy or toy more than she wanted the Itouch.

Today was the day we realized that she had earned enough to buy her Itouch.  So we walked in with her jar and walked out with an Itouch.

I think her smile says it all.


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  1. Alison says:

    Why do we ask kids to give away so much money? This is a serious question I’ve been thinking about as we begin to think about how we’ll teach about money in our house. We don’t give away even close to a quarter of our income, unless you’re counting taxes. And on that, shouldn’t we start “taxing” them now to pay for services we render? I could go on, and on, and on… but either way, I think that girl’s new acquisition is awesomesocks and she’s going to be proud of it forever. Good job mom and dad.

  2. Simple math and coin management. Each girl gets the $ amount that corresponds to their grade. Pookie gets 4 loonies, Bear get a loonie and 4 quarters. So much easier to tell them to put 2, 1, 1 (Pookie) and 1, 2, 2 for (Bear), then to have a ton of dimes and whatnot.

    So, sheer laziness combined with the knowledge that eventually they will learn that they don’t HAVE to give that much…but hopefully the spirit of generosity will linger.

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