Phoebe, Junia and all that jazz

Yesterday the twitterverse was trending #synod and my feed was full of disappointed folks bemoaning the fate of the Church of England.


Because in a vote, 6 people decided the fate of a whole nation and denomination.  The vote was to recognize the giftedness and calling of women into the role of bishops.  The move was endorsed by the ArchBishop of Canterbury himself along with his successor.  And yet, the vote was defeated.  The echoes of which will be felt for years to come.

As I read the comments by many across Christendom, I remember my own disappointment in my little church when a similar vote was cast. It would seem even in this time and space, women are not yet given the place to serve as God would have them.

Clearly this is a issue near and dear to my heart.  I am blessed to have a partner who not only affirms my gifts, but stands in opposition to those who would seek to diminish it.  I have had (and still have) jobs where I was able to explore my gifts and learn and contribute without the barrier of my gender. I am lucky, I know.

Here are just a very few of the articles and views published around this:

Tony Campolo

HuffPost Religion

Sarah Bessey

Eugene Cho

Ben Irwin

I’m sure more thoughtful responses are to come.


***Edited to add: NT Wright


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