It’s been a little while since I’ve posted.  It’s not because I don’t have anything to blog about, but possibly because I have a bit too much.  The other day Jeff casually asked if I was planning on blogging any time soon.  When I asked why, he commented that I was getting a little ‘edgy’ and that perhaps writing it down would be helpful.  I kinda blew him off so he came into my space and said, ‘I don’t ask you for much, but I am asking you to blog so that we can survive these next few weeks together!’

OK then….

I thought about posting my To Do List for these next few weeks, but that is a bit too much for me.  Suffice it to say, I need to pack my house to move across the country, finish up at work well, sort out the girls’ school, close the various accounts we have, say goodbye to family and friends and pray that the immigration issue gets sorted.

However, in the midst of all this chaos has been moments of pure grace and love. We have been overwhelmed with offers of help, meals, prayers and simple companionship during this time of transition. Jeff and I have had several moments where we have looked at each other and marveled at the amazing community of people we call family/friends. In some ways it makes it harder to leave, but in other ways it makes it so much easier to bear.

You know who you are.  Thank you.  We love you.

PS.  I have updated the UrbanPromise and Us page with links to support us if you are interested.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Sam says:

    You and the fam are in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. Thanks Sam! Should we expect a visit from you??!!??

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