Road trip!

We will be driving across the USA to get to our new home which we are excited about.  In an effort to miss the Mid West winter and snow we are dipping further south than the most efficient route would call for.  On the way we hope to hit the Grand Canyon and see some friends and family.  If you or anyone you know has friends or family along this route that would be willing to let us crash, that would be awesome!


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  1. Tracy a says:

    Need a place to stay on OKC or Little Rock? I could help out with those two! Let me know! What a big adventure–praying for you guys!

  2. Alison says:

    Ha! That is the route we took to drive my car home from NJ back in 2001! stop for an attempt at eating the 72oz steak in Amarillo, cause then it’s free, and who doesn’t want a free 72oz steak? I’ll think more about it but you’re choosing fun!

    1. Jeff thought that was a great idea! How long did it take you to drive?

      1. Alison says:

        I can’t remember – maybe a week? or maybe we took three weeks? we did so many and I can’t remember this one particularly. We stayed with a friend of Bruce’s in LA, we visited with Shiaheem who was in Amarillo at the time, and relatives of Shannon’s in OK. Santa Fe had great food and jewery and Tennessee is SO beautiful so take your time there. OMG, and don’t forget Graceland! I could keep going, and going, and going…

        How long are you taking for this? Have you road tripped before? We did lots of it back in the day. We always tried to go as hard as we could the first day. Like, 18 hours once. Day one is when we had the most energy and excitement to get through. Then we’d do broken days – get up, drive 2 – 3 hours, visit/eat/linger/dinner, drive 2 – 3 hours, hotel/bed. Repeat.

        If I think of more I’ll send more…

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