If you ever wanted to test your life to see if you are bless’d like us, just announce that you are moving across the country to live and work in a dangerous place.  Then ask for money to help you do that.  And then ask for help to wrap up your life in your current location. Finally, expect 2 awesome gatherings to send off your family.

With the exception of that last bit about the parties, that is pretty much what has happened in our family these last few weeks. (We are getting 2 parties thrown for us, but we didn’t ask for them…but wow are we looking forward to them!)

In these last weeks we have been loved and supported by family and friends, who despite being grumpy about us leaving, have risen above and beyond.  Really, it has been overwhelming and emotional.  I recently told a friend that my emotions are running so close to the surface that at any given time I can be weeping or laughing over the dumbest things.

Our church invited us to share about our journey 2 Sundays ago. After that service we had so many people come to encourage us, tell us that they were praying and some offered financial help.  This past Sunday the church held a lunch fundraiser to help with our cost of moving and raised nearly $2000. We have needed to sell various items including a last-minute decision to sell Jeff’s truck instead of shipping it. Within days we have nearly sold every big item that we needed too, with our good friend Juli taking the rest to sell on Craigslist.

Mostly, it has been the quiet conversations, the notes passed to us and the meals offered that have been the most meaningful. I am constantly surprised by people who express how much they will miss us.  I’m not trying to be self-deprecating, but I honestly operate with the assumption that our close friends and family will miss us but not really the community at large. Jeff and I both have been inundated with people from all sorts of different places and spaces who seem to think their life will be a bit less without our family. It is remarkably humbling.

We are a bless’d family. If you are the sort that prays, we are asking for 2 things:

First, that our girls will find hope and joy in this new season of life.  They are struggling deeply with this transition.

Second, on Jan 29th we will attempt to get our visas approved at the border.  Pray for a border guard that has a soft heart and a willingness to send us through.

Thank you friends!



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