Silly boys…Jeeps are for girls!

When we were pondering moving to New Jersey, Jeff visited the east coast.  Upon his return he commented that he never saw another Jeep during his whole time there. When we arrived, not only are we not the only Jeep in town but there are tons of them!  We are still teasing Jeff about it….However, there is a unique aspect to being a Jeep owner in NJ, when you pass another Jeep you wave.

The first time it happened, I shrugged it off thinking that they must have thought that I was someone else.  Then it happened again and again.  The girls started noticing and would call out when another Jeep approached. Now it is an automatic thing, I pass a Jeep and I wave.  Just one of the strange things about life here. I can’t wait till summer when the roof and doors come off!

People are loud here.  They speak at a sound level that makes them sound angry all the time.  It is totally confusing for the girls, they are constantly asking me why people are mad at them. There is little concept of customer service here, the other day we watched a store employee lose her shit with a customer.  Food is cheap and the temptation to buy unhealthy food is incredible because it is so cheap.  However apples will cost you $3 per pound. It is much more sunny here which is amazing!  Gas is 10 cents cheaper if you pay cash and you cannot pump your own.  Hipsters are few and far in-between;  big hair and spray tan not so much.  The health care system is terrifying to navigate and the red tape to get a NJ drivers license is crazy.

This whole move has just affirmed my thoughts that you do not have to move across the world to experience culture shock.

It is good to be a West Coast Canadian in an East Coast city.


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  1. My husband owns an 80’s Jeep Grand Wagoneer with wood paneled sides; his second. He is waving to you right now 🙂 Sounds like you have the kind of jeep I want, is it by any chance a Wrangler? Hard to fit 5 kids in one of those. Sigh.

    1. It is a wrangler! Black hardtop but has multiple options for removing parts of the roof and doors. Not so great for 5 kids, but great for 2 girls and a puppy!

  2. Sharon says:

    I live in Colorado and my husband drives a Jeep. Shortly after we were married, we were in his Jeep and some girl driving by (in a Jeep) waved and I was like, “Who was that???” My husband informed me of the practice of Jeep drivers waving at one another (though he refuses to wave, even if someone waves at him first). I’d never heard of that before. My brother-in-law also drives a Jeep, so I double checked the story with him. He was aware of the practice, but said that he’s never been waved at by another Jeep driver.

    1. Never been waved at?!?!? So sad….I love it!

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