Sophie – the dog wonder


Nothing says crazy like getting a puppy minutes after moving cross country, homeschooling and starting new jobs.

For those who know and love my eldest daughter know that she has wanted a puppy for “her whole life!!!” She has been saving her money for a year and a half and researching ideal family dogs for almost that long. Jeff and I had been planning to get her a puppy near July when she would turn 10, the double digit ultimate birthday present.

Then we made the tactical error of going to a rescue adoption fair.  There were over 60+ puppies there and it was love at first sight.  Sophie was from a litter of 6; 3 looked like little Snoopys and 3 looked like mini Golden Retrievers. Most of them tried to either lick or bite our hands.  Sophie saw us, came calmly over and butted our hands until we gave her some pats. We spent an hour with her, forked over some cash and suddenly were the owners of a 2 1/2 month puppy.

It has been a steep learning curve.  Crate and potty training, lots of interrupted sleep for bathroom breaks, diarrhea because of an intestinal bug, cleaning up accidents in the house, puppy proofing, tending the nips and bites that we get…

But it has been worth it simply because there are these moments of…

Watching the joy in my eldest daughter’s eyes when she spends hours walking, feeding and playing with Sophie.  Watching Jeff, who swears that he wants nothing to do with the dog, play-wrestling with her. Watching the youngest one, who is still nervous around dogs, be the first to grab something out of Sophie’s mouth when she gets into trouble.

As for me? Well, I’m only one the dog really listens too.

Sophie has been a great addition to the family.


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  1. oddsandens says:

    She’s so cute! What kind of dog is she?
    I love that Jeff’s play-wrestling with her…it’s hard for anyone to resist a puppy 😉

    1. We think that she is a beagle golden retreiver mix. She howls like a beagle, can retrieve and walk for miles…but she also needs to sniff everything in those miles.

  2. Niki Frew says:

    I’m not a dog person at all but I’ll have to admit I find your new addition pretty darn cute! And I certainly understand why you couldn’t resist buying her! Wish we could meet her (and hang out with the rest of her family)! I’m glad she is fitting in well with the family and that you’ve made your daughter’s dream come true.

    1. Thanks Niki. We are all finding parts of her that we enjoy. I actually enjoy taking walks with her, either by myself or with the family or just one on one time with either the girls or Jeff. Less time in front of a screen and more outside time for all of us!

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