My Nemesis

BarLooks innocent enough… A bar, a doorway.

It is not.  It is an instrument of torture that mocks my pathetic attempts to use it. I can manage exactly 1.5 pull-ups. I can do slightly better with the ab exercises, but it is nothing to blog about.

Jeff and I have entered a season of doing less in terms of physical activity.  Jeff has gone from a full 8 hour day of physical labor to maybe an hour, and he often doesn’t break a sweat.  I’ve gone from playing basketball and volleyball 3 times a week to sitting at a desk for about 40 hours.

It is not pretty.  Hence the bar. And a 8 week eating plan. Getting older is great in a lot of ways, and not so great in others.  If I was brave, I’d post before and after shots…but let’s not scare away the few readers I have!

But in all honesty, I’m less about weight and more about feeling good. Jeff is both trying to shed a few pounds and wanting to feel better.  Plus we all know that guys can drop pounds quick, so whatever.

I just hope I can do 10 pull-ups within the next month….I’m all about attainable goals!


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