Signs of new life

photoThe other day I received a lovely email from a friend from home who had just planted new vegetable garden in her yard. It was no secret that when we moved I mourned the loss of both my gardens and all the food that I had perserved…though it was fun to give it away!  When we arrived at our new home, I realized that there was little space to create a garden and had resigned myself to a year of not growing food.

Less than 2 weeks into my new job, I met Becky, our nurse practitioner on staff and Director of our Wellness Center. (notice the US spelling?  I’m still getting used to it)

The Wellness Center is taking on the issue of toxic trauma in the children and youth we serve as well as implementing several programs for staff care.  One of Becky’s dreams was to create a garden where we could teach kids about healthy food, but was not able to do it on her own.  Somehow we got chatting and the next thing we knew, we had managed to get 17 boxes built and filled with dirt!

This summer is just a practice run at what we can grow, so I’ve thrown all sorts of seeds in there. It is in a very public space so there has been some interesting events that have occurred, but a community garden needs to be held very loosely and so I reseed when gaps appear and chat with folks that use the garden as a shortcut to our parking lot.

It is on the UrbanPromise ‘compound’ so when I need to stretch and get out of the office, it is a perfect space for me to go.

It is these little things that remind me of provision, gift and the Creator’s relentless love for me.  It is dirt, seed and growth that nurture my soul…sometimes it just takes different forms.


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