The benefits of no cable.

photo(2)We live in an old stone house in a 300 year old town, which basically means that when we tried to get Internet and cable, we didn’t have many options. Since Internet was more important than cable on our limited budget, we got HD rabbit ears and are enjoying life with 4 channels.  Then we discovered the beauty of Netflix!  And I discovered the documentary portion of Netflix that was full of food documentaries….now usually when I turn one of those on, Jeff is not rushing to sit by my side to watch. Case in point, when I was away for 10 days in May, he watched every single shooting/army/blow everything up movie on Netflix.

In the beginning of June I turned on Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. A documentary about a guy suffering from a crazy auto immune disease and was fairly overweight.  He decided to do a 60 juice fast and this 2 hour movie documents not only his journey but several other people as well.  I started it too late in the evening and barely made it through half of it.  Jeff, on the other hand, watched it all the way through.  In the morning I heard all about micro nutrients, mean green drinks and in all the ramblings I heard Jeff say that he wanted to do it!

Now, neither Jeff or I qualify as the title of this movie, so I was really resistant to the idea of such a radical shift…especially from my husband who loves his ice cream, Coke and beer. More importantly to me, I was resistant to the girls watching us do something so restrictive in terms of diet.  I didn’t want them thinking this is what you need to do in order to be ‘skinny’ or healthy.  I finally watched the rest of the documentary a few days later and was intrigued by the idea but not at all willing to do a fast on it.

Fast forward to Father’s Day, and a new juicer arrived for Jeff as his gift.  A trip to a wholesale produce place filled our fridge with fruits and veggies and we began our experiments with juice.  Jeff is braver than I and has mastered the green juice as his morning drink.  I am wimpier in my tastes and start my day with a citrus carrot juice. We both do a beet, carrot, apple juice in the afternoons.

The truth is that it is pretty great.  We both forgo a morning coffee for juice and feel better for it.  The girls enjoy my citrus drink, so I think we will start each school day with a glass to boost their immune systems.  Jeff is still planning to do a 5-10 juice fast at some point, but I’m content to just try to avoid junk food and have 2 glasses of good juice a day.  Plus I’m trying to boost my immune system for my upcoming trip to Africa!


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