Thunderstorms, rainbows and fireflies

photo(7)One of the simple joys of moving to a new place is discovering the differences between here and home. This has been one of the wettest summers on record here in NJ, yet it is still so humid that you can be in the pouring rain and still be sweating. Yet some of the storms we have seen are amazing. Lightning bolts that zigzag through the clouds and light up the sky, followed by booming thunder that can shake our old stone house.

Most times after the storm passes, we head outside to spot the rainbows that appear.  They seem more vivid here, inspiring my little one to paint rainbow after rainbow to try to capture the beauty of them.

But perhaps my favorite part is the moment at dusk, where 2 excited girls head outside to catch fireflies. The giggles, the triumphant cry of ‘I got one!’ and pure joy of the chase is often a balm to my weary soul.

Sitting on my front stoop and being present in the moment…that is my goal this summer.


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