Blogging as therapy???

For those of you who have been reading this mess for a while, you may remember that I blogged every day for a year from my 36th birthday till my 37th birthday. I did that at the request of a counselor who recognized my “difficulty” in sharing my feelings and thoughts and encouraged me to find a way to be known that didn’t overwhelm me.

  I eventually turned that year of posting into a hardcover book that I’ve enjoyed flipping through once in a while. I learned a lot about myself that year. I learned that:

~capturing those little moments with the girls is pretty priceless and so great to look back at.

~I should never ever blog about work. Enough said.

~more people read my blog that I thought.

~there were many posts that Jeff wished I didn’t post, mostly because of the reactions they would generate.

~there are lots of people who didn’t agree with the thoughts running through my brain.

~I learned that I didn’t care that people didn’t agree with me, but I did care about people who ranted at me anonymously to ‘repent’.

Most of all, I realized that it was a healthy exercise for me and I enjoyed it. And now that we are in a season where I don’t have (yet) a friend group that I can call up for coffee and a chat, I have been reminded that perhaps this could be a good way of staving off any potential triggers.

So, I started this again on our 15th year anniversary.  I am going to try this again.  I don’t promise great writing. I don’t promise deep thoughts. I do promise to try and be as honest as possible and share my thoughts from this east coast front stoop.


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  1. Julie Anna says:


  2. ACJ says:

    JesusF*&k that took a long time! Please start writing! honestly. Moving a million miles away, doing ministry in the place you turned into a grown-up and fell in love and just a few crappy (well awesome, but I’m busy making a point here) photos to show for it?? Get to writing lady. Get on it.

  3. GM says:

    Positive feedback!

  4. rod says:

    sounds good….i should try, seems there are a lot of triggers in need of staving.

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