The hair situation.


When we moved to the East Coast, I was forced to break up with someone near and dear to me — my hair stylist.

As a woman with short hair, you need to trust your stylist not to butcher your hair.  Ideally you would also not have to pay the premium of a woman’s cut when really it is more similar to a guy’s cut. Back home, we had gotten into such a good rhythm that I never needed to tell her what to do and I was also happy when she finished.

I have had 2 hair cuts since moving to Jersey, neither great and both expensive.  The other fun fact is that living on the East Coast has made my hair thick and ridiculously curly due to the humidity.  The before picture is the mess of curls that makes my head look 3 times its size first thing in the morning. The best part of letting it go long and curly is the discovery that my white hair does not curl, so I had random hair sticking out everywhere.

Today my aunt was having some one come over to her place to cut her hair. The cost? $20. Good enough for me and I was pretty pleased with the results.  I told her I’d be back at Christmas. Plus I got some quality one on one time with my aunt which is pretty rare.

Though I’m not smiling in the pictures, I’m doing a happy dance inside.


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