The joys of puppy ownership

Most days I love our puppy, Sophie.  However, she has tested my every nerve these last 24 hours.  Last night she escaped and ran up and down the main street in front of our house for 40 minutes.  Highlights included 2 mad dashes into traffic and an irate old lady screaming at me for being an irresponsible liar because I was trying to explain how Sophie got out of our backyard and she thought I was just trying to traumatize her dog. Thankfully a kind dog owner came over and used her dog as a lure to grab Sophie for me.  She also assured me that her dog jumps over their 8 foot fence and tears off her collar for the invisible fence so that she can run into traffic almost daily.

Today Sophie decided that she likes the new sod that I’m laying in our backyard and tries to either eat it or dig it up.

Good thing she is cute.



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