Death by pumpkin.

I had to replant our squash and pumpkin seedlings a couple of times this summer.  At one point I despaired of having any pumpkins or squash to pick.  Fast forward through a crazy summer of intense rain and intense heat, and the pumpkin patch took over. The vines grew everywhere and invaded quite a bit of the lawn making it impossible to cut the grass. Needless to say, the garden was looking a little rough.

Today I went over to do a bit of clean up and assess if there were any fruit amongst all those vines.  For the amount of vines, the actual fruit production was pretty weak, although it is a community garden and items tend to go missing often!  I waded into the mess and began hacking away at the weeds and dead vines.  Unfortunately I forgot one key thing about pumpkin vines until it was too late.

Pumpkin vines can do serious damage to hands and skin. Within moments my hands and forearms were cut up and covered in a rash.

The things I do for my girls’ jack o’ lantern needs.





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