What the What?!?!?

***Disclaimer, if you are a fan of Mark Driscoll or a big neo-reformed theologian, don’t read this blog post!****

I enjoyed thinking and talking about theology.  I don’t believe that we all need to march to the same tune in terms of theology.  However, I do believe that we are called to love, to seek justice and to acknowledge that each human is created in the image of God and gifted to serve regardless of gender, sexuality, race or socio-economic status.

So, in having that sort of viewpoint it really pisses me off when I read stuff in the Christian sphere that actively works against this.  Yesterday this came across my twitter feed:


That does not mean that it is a sin for a wife to work when a couple is first married, as they are
getting ready to begin their family, or for a wife to make money on the side as a
secondary priority while remaining at home with the children, or even for her to
work once the children are grown if the motives are pure and her primary duties
are not neglected. Furthermore, the masculine duty to provide does not mean
that under extenuating circumstances a wife does not need to work, such as
if a husband is hospitalized with an illness or injury and is completely unable
to work.
As an aside, a wise husband also has savings, disability, and life
insurance to provide for his family even in the direst of circumstances.
nonetheless, there is no way anyone could read the
bible and wind up with the silly notion that both the husband and the wife are to be providers
and that daycares or relatives are supposed to raise the children of a
christian couple. Furthermore, it is completely impossible to read the
bible and wind up with the inane idea that a Christian father can be a stay-at-home dad while
mom goes to work. Anyone who thinks these things are acceptable is
by definition worldly. ~ Mark Driscoll, p23.

For me, to see a fairly prominent Christian leader write these things is beyond disheartening and deeply offensive.  And not just to me, a working mom in ministry, but I am deeply offended on behalf of my husband and other guy friends who sometimes take on the role of stay at home dad in order to support and affirm their wives’ careers and giftings.  So according to this, my motives to work are not only unpure but my priorities are also out of whack. Furthermore, in life/theology according to Mark Driscoll, women like Nadia Boltz-Weber, Brene Brown, Barbara Brown Taylor, Diana Butler Bass and so many more are actually women who are damaging their families by utilizing their God-given gifts in the world.  Huh.  I think we (as in me and Pastor Mark) are going to just have to disagree on that.


***If you are the sort that likes to read and think on stuff like this, just google the above title and it will take you to a free pdf link of the ebook.  I’m not linking to it cause I don’t endorse it.***



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