In moving to the USA, I became a label reader for the first time in my life.  Food standards are so different here and where we live it is much cheaper to buy crappy food than healthy food.  Stores brag about “Fat free peaches” and “No hormone” milk, totally unheard of in Canadian markets.

One of the biggest items that I’m consistently reading labels on is bread.  The amount of additives and high fructose corn syrup in the bread here is staggering.  In order to buy a good loaf of bread, with no preservatives or sugar and whole grain can cost around $3-4.

We have reduced the amount of bread that we eat, but with the girls going to school,  sandwiches are back on the menu.  I had been looking for a bread maker for a couple of months because I really don’t have a good mixer or the skill to make the dough.  In a recent trip up to Ontario, my brother in law dug up a bread maker from his basement and graciously gave it to me.

I start the dough in the bread maker, then pull it up for a second rise and shape it in a bread pan. So far, so good.

The only problem is that when you make fresh bread, your family will eat the whole loaf in one day…forcing to you to make bread every. freakin. night.


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