Catching the scent

photo(8)Sophie is part beagle.  We really should have researched more about beagles before adopting her; her penchant for digging and needing to sniff every dang blade of grass is irksome at times.

However, watching her catch a scent is hilarious.  She drops her head down, pushes her nose in the ground and goes for it.  That may mean that she zigzags, backtracks or tries to break my arm by tripping me.  But the funniest part is that she gets so caught up in the scent, that when she actually flushes a squirrel, rabbit or bird, it scares the crap out her (and me a couple of times) because it is almost like she is not expecting to actually find her prey.

The first time this happened I was struck by how much I function like my crazy puppy.  I get so myopic about some task or job that I lose my big picture vision on life.  Then I get surprised by something, whether good or bad and I have no idea of how to handle it.

I foresee many years of walks with Sophie, maybe we will both learn how to look up once in a while.


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