5 shots to the leg.

Up in the great white north, one has a choice regarding vaccinating one’s children. In fact, it is a hotly debate issue, with passionate people on either side. So, for us, our eldest was very up to date and the youngest barely at all.  This is mainly due to the fact that the Bear was a wee bit sickly as a baby and then I got lazy.

However, in this new land of ours there is no debate. Last week I received a letter from the girls’ school bluntly stating that if I did not vaccinate my children, they would be removed from the school.

Huh. Alrighty then.

So this week I braved the whole new world of the US medical system. That involved many phone calls to local pediatric clinics to check if they had space AND whether they accepted our insurance.  Then I had to call the insurance to confirm that I had picked a doctor and have them confirm that the doctor was indeed approved by the company.

Today was D day. After filling out about 56 pieces of paper, we met our doctor. Really great older guy, good with the girls.  Of course it turned out that he knew about UrbanPromise, though not a man of faith. When all was said and done, the young one needed 5 shots.

She took them all in the leg like a boss. And walked with a swagger for the rest of the day. That’s my girl.




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