Best laid plans.

This morning Jeff and I had grand plans to drop the girls off at Sunday school and head to a local coffee shop. We need to sort some life issues and just enjoy an hour together.

We made it 10 steps towards coffee (the shop is 50 steps away from our house) before we got stopped by a couple from the church. We started chatting and the next thing we know we are sharing a table and coffee.

There is a bit of mystique around our family, which I think is hilarious since we are the least mysterious people I know. People from the church know we exist, that we work in Camden and are Canadian. So when folks see us around, we get into the most interesting conversations. I think my favorite ‘get to know you’ question was: how do you afford to buy food as a missionary family?

Anyway, it was a lovely chat, though Jeff and I will have to try again next Sunday for our time!


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