Kid update

Thanks to many of you who emailed, commented, prayed and sent messages regarding our girls. Your words of support and love get us through many lonely days here. I’m realizing more and more than parenting is full of joy, love, sleepless nights, days that want to make you tear your hair out, laughter and screaming.  And I think I knew most of that going into this parenting gig.  However, what I didn’t know was that when your kids hurt because of sickness, bullying or just a really crappy day, that shit will drive you to your knees in pain.  I’d rather a week of not sleeping than to know that my kid is lonely at school or is struggling so hard to understand what is happening in class.

The good news is that the Bear is finding her way. More importantly, she is happy to go to school, so I’m assuming that it can’t be too traumatic right?!?!?

The other good news is that even though our beautiful first-born is struggling, her teacher is freaking amazing and has assured us during a teacher meeting that she fully expects her to catch up and pass this year. The reality is that we have a meeting scheduled next week with a whole team of people to sort out what kind of support she needs.

I think it helps that our girls are awesome, kind-hearted people.

What has been so interesting to me is how Jeff and I are engaging both situations.  For me, the Bear’s hurt was so reminiscent to mine and really hit me at my deepest fear for the girls. On the other hand, K’s struggles mirrored Jeff’s and during our teacher meeting, that really came up in conversation.

Our new mantra is our issues are NOT our kids’ issues.  We will see how that works out for us!



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