Poor eating choices

I got home tonight after a long 12 hours at work only to realize that all I ate today was pie and pumpkin seeds washed down with coffee. That was probably not super wise. Especially when I plan to eat a lot of Halloween candy tomorrow.

Conversations with an 8 year old.

Mom? I don’t know who I am anymore! Umm, what do you mean Bear? Well, I used to go to a Baptist church, but now I go to a Presbyterian church..but today a boy in my class called me a swag-a-terian. Well, who do you think you are? Swag-a-terian. Definitely. I rock that. Yes. Yes…

A sign of aging

Today I bought a ridiculously expensive juice instead of coffee on my weekly afternoon out with the girls. A beloved colleague was a wee bit sick in the office today, sneezing and coughing. And despite my concern for her wellbeing, I also did not want to catch what she was dishing out. Hence the juice…

The NFL Experience

In my never ending quest to be an awesome wife, I bought Jeff tickets to his first NFL game for a birthday/anniversary gift. Even better, the tickets were to see his favorite team, the NY Giants. The only problem was that we were going to the game in Philly, Eagles’ territory. Philly sports fans are…

Knives and Guts

No blood was spilled in the creation of these masterpieces.

Yo, Nadia!

Last night I had the following conversation at least 25 times at the UrbanPromise banquet: Yo! Nadia! What? You see Jeff? Yes. You sure? Yes. He look funny! I know. He be trippin’ with that weave on! I know. Jeff be crazy! I know. It’s part of his charm…

Sometimes you just need to let it go.

It’s been a bit crazy around here. Big projects and deadlines, events that require attendance, school for me and the girls … Work/ministry for me lately has been filled with roadblocks and less than fun conversations. Most of it has been beyond my control, yet it directly affects my ability to do what I’m actually…


The girls and I may have been slightly obsessed with this today after school.  My hands are sore.

Zero balance

Last Thursday our bank balance hit zero.  Card declined when trying to purchase something. I tried to figure out where it all went. Car issues, a birthday and those pesky necessities of food, shelter and clothing had eaten up our money. In reality, it wasn’t a big deal, payday was the next day.  We had…

Sunday night

Sometimes ministry is about events and fundraising. Tonight was one such night. I work with a great team and it was a fun night with Taylor mason Our goal was to see some of our kids sponsored and I think we managed that. Not a bad way to start a busy week.

Productive day

Despite a 12 hour night of sleep and a 2 1/2 hour nap, I still managed to can applesauce. Of course I took better photos but now I’m too sleepy to post. So iPhone pic it is!