The bridge.

17 years ago when Jeff and I were moving from friends to something deeper, we used to go for walks. Since strolling in Camden wasn’t an option, we would walk across the Ben Franklin bridge at the crack of dawn from Camden to Philly and back.

Those walks were a time of discovery for us. Discovering each other, the city and ourselves.

Tonight we were given the gift of time together from a new friend who loves our girls. Both of us immediately said that we should walk the bridge since we haven’t done it since moving back.

It was night instead of dawn and this time we could afford a coffee on the other side before heading home.

17 years of friendship and love…sometimes it’s like a dance with steps we both know and we match perfectly. Sometimes it’s like a sparring ring where we fight it out. And sometimes it’s like a night like tonight where I look across a table and discover something new about this man I love.

It is a rare gift and one I never want to take for granted.


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