Zero balance

indexLast Thursday our bank balance hit zero.  Card declined when trying to purchase something.

I tried to figure out where it all went. Car issues, a birthday and those pesky necessities of food, shelter and clothing had eaten up our money.

In reality, it wasn’t a big deal, payday was the next day.  We had food in the house, a roof over our heads.  We would survive the day with no money.


I was so embarrassed. And deep under that embarrassment was anger. And probably even deeper than the anger was fear.  Fear that this could become a regular cycle in our lives. Fear that we won’t be able to provide for the girls.

The reality is that there will be times of feast and times of famine. There will be times where our pride takes a hit and times where we can lend a helping hand to someone else in a similar position.

But it is a painful lesson to learn.


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