The NFL Experience

In my never ending quest to be an awesome wife, I bought Jeff tickets to his first NFL game for a birthday/anniversary gift. Even better, the tickets were to see his favorite team, the NY Giants. The only problem was that we were going to the game in Philly, Eagles’ territory.

Philly sports fans are a different breed. Let’s just say that they are passionate and slightly crazy. Everyone warned us prior to the game not to let on that we were Giants fans if we wanted to survive.

We didn’t wear any Giants gear, but I was approached by a man while walking through the parking lot. He had taken offense to my Canadian hoodie that I was wearing and screamed Boo Canada in my face. Everyone quickly joined in and then started chanting, USA! USA! We just kept walking, but it was intense!

(FYI Americans, that’s why you are not well liked in our countries…)

Here we are, undercover Giant fans:


It wasn’t the most exciting game but the Giants won, the day was sunny and we got to experience tailgating and time together. A win all around.



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  1. Tammy says:

    That is crazy! Glad you had a good day together though.

  2. Sharon says:

    May I apologize on behalf of Americans for being so rude? I was appalled when I read about the nasty chanters at the game. And, um, did they see your huge burly husband standing next to you when they started acting so rudely??? Not to say you couldn’t have put someone in their place yourself, Nadia. I have no doubt that you could do some serious damage to anyone giving you a hard time. Anyways, was relaying this story to someone and they go, “They were in the parking lot? So the other people were tailgating, they may have been on something….” True, but, seriously? That is totally unacceptable behavior.

    Lastly, just found out apparently there are blocks of tickets for fans of the opposing team, so if you go in the future, you may be able to get seats and sit with people rooting for your team. Wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t want to go again though.

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