This was the first year that we did not trick or treat with our close friends. We never missed a Halloween, not even when I gave birth to the Bear 16 days before Halloween. This was one of those moments/traditions where we realized just how much we miss our community at home.

However, both girls ended up with friends who we joined to wander the streets. K was invited to a NO PARENTS trick or treating party complete with a pizza party and candy trade. Initially I was against the idea until I found out that this town we live in only allows trick or treating between the hours of 2pm-6pm…daylight hours only!!!! So glad we found that out cause we would have been the awkward folks waiting till after dinner and the dark.

The Bear still thinks hanging out with me is cool, so we found 2 friends and moms to walk with. She even convinced me to throw on a plaid shirt and jeans to match her. Not a big stretch for me since I think I wore the exact same outfit to work a few days before. We headed out to “the street” to trick or treat at and we soon found out why.

Homemade cookies straight out of the oven. Hand spun cotton candy. Homemade donuts. Full size candy bars. Money. And hundreds of people.

Here people sit on their huge front porches and hand out candy. Almost every house is decorated, one had a full haunted house, another a cemetery. It was insane. I spoke to one owner and she said that she can easily hand out 1000 pieces of candy. By 5 pm there were signs on some houses ‘No more candy’.

Since Jeff had to work and Bear and I didn’t actually do that many houses, he came home from work and took her to a trunk or treat at a local church to bulk up her bag. Good thing because when I picked up K, she had 15 pounds of candy. Apparently 4 hours and about 4 miles of neighbourhood nets a boat load of candy.

We should be good for a whilephoto



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