There few music groups/artists that I buy without pre-listening to the latest album. Gungor is in that category. Their concerts are by far my favorite to go too simply because they are visually and musically stunning. Tonight’s was no exception…although I was reminded of a few things:

I am too old and my ass is too bony to
sit on wooden bleachers for 2.5 hours.

Michael Gungor is one of the sickest guitar players ever.

Given the opportunity to go to a concert that is closer but at a university or a small pub venue hours away, choose the pub. Less hipsters and college kids doing the sway and hooting.

The Bear jumping around like a liturgical dancer hopped up on sugar is as entertaining as the music.

K admiring the skill of Lisa Gungor and hitting all the right notes during the songs can be breathtaking.

Sitting in the back of the Jeep with the girls asleep on my shoulders is rare.

Carrying them up 3 flights of stairs did me in.

Such a great night.


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