My girls have yet to develop my love of reading, although there are glimpses here and there.

K is now in Grade 5 where they get divided into houses according to the Harry Potter series. Unlike some, I love the series but the girls have never read them. Not only does K need to read more, but every book is worth points with the potter books worth double.

She just managed to finish the first book and we let her watch the movie. I wouldn’t say that she is hooked, but it was definite incentive to get her to read. She was allowed to watch the movie in chunks according to how much she read, never allowed to watch more than she read. It was quite the victory this weekend when she was done.

And I’m not gonna lie, I was pretty relieved she was sorted into Ravenclaw!


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  1. Barb says:

    My daughter is also in grade 5. She loves fantasy but, for some reason, Potter books are not her cup of tea. She also likes science fiction & supernatural/ghost books. Her favorite author is Mary Downing Hahn. She’s reading a book called Cinder right now by Marissa Meyer. It is a kind of Cinderella story except “Cinder” is a cyborg. I would never read something like that in a million years. Only in the last year did she really get “into” reading. I am glad your daughter got through the book. Potter books are long!

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