We now go to a church that does liturgy and corporate prayers.  It has taken some getting used too, but there is something to be said for hearing my daughters along with hundreds of others saying the same prayers, singing the same song of thanksgiving and confessing together.

Yesterday’s confession hit me in a very deep place:

God of Peace, we confess we are a people of fear, and we have not been obedient sons and daughters. We have let anxiety rule our days and worry our nights.  We have been distracted by nerves and focused on tension. We have grown idle in the work of discipleship and weary in doing what is right.

We confess we have ignored your command to not be afraid. Forgive us, O God. Calm our hearts, settle our stomachs, and show us the way of repentance. Free us from our idle ways, and renew in us the ability to find our comfort in you, that we might be your faithful disciples.



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