The gift of being ridiculous.

You know when you laugh so hard it feels like you are high?  All those happy neurons firing off in your head and your whole body just relaxes into it?  That happened to me recently.  After hosting an Open Mic night that was filled with angsty poetry, testimonies, beautiful singing and some crazy dancing, it was time to end the night.

I went up and admitted before the very talented crowd that I had no talent to share, no meaningful gift save the ability to embarrass myself in front of a crowd and the willingness to drag others into that as well.

Here is the result.  I hadn’t laughed so hard in a good long while.

Cup Song


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  1. Sharon says:

    Fun! How long did it take you to master that?

    1. A couple of hours with the girls one day. But clearly, I didn’t master it!

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