20131128-200623.jpgIt is our first Thanksgiving in America. It has been interesting to live in a country where Thanksgiving seems almost bigger than Christmas. In fact Thanksgiving and Advent are only separated by 3 days this year, so Thanksgiving really is the launch into the holiday season that will last until January 2.

There is this strange tension here because Thanksgiving is promoted heavily as a family holiday filled with food and family, but every single ad on TV is about the sales that now start at 6pm on Thursday instead of the more ‘traditional’ Black Friday.

We spent the day reorganizing and cleaning our living room in preparation for getting a Christmas tree, watching football, taking a family walk and eating non-traditional lasagna and Rice Krispies squares.

But, in the quiet of the evening, the reality is that I am very thankful for my life. Mostly, I am thankful for the 3 people that give it life, color and love..KJ with her new glasses, Bear and Jeff. If I didn’t have them in my life, it would be a lot quieter…..but there would be less.  Less connection to the world, less of the person I am now, and a lot less love.

For this and much more, I am thankful.


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