Polar vortex –v 2.0

For the first time in my nearly 40 years, I have snow boots.


I made the mistake during the first couple of snowfalls and the first polar vortex of thinking that thick socks and rain boots would cut it.

I was wrong.

We are in the midst of another storm, one that should bring a foot of snow and then freezing temps for the foreseeable future. Today I received 5 emails, 4 texts and a personal phone call from the school principal letting me know that school was closing early.

The girls finally like something about New Jersey.


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  1. Sharon says:

    We haven’t been experiencing the extreme weather you have, but several months back, we were looking for snow boots for our daughter and there were literally none to be found in her size (in multiple stores). We wound up finding something in the boys section that looked similar to some really cute snow boots in the women’s section. We bought ’em, had her wear them while playing in the snow. When she came back in, her poor feet were freezing! They were red and we warmed them by our space heater. I found out, they were rain boots. No insulation = does not keep little feet warm when you are out in the cold for any amount of time.

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