Laid low with grief.

When you are connected in a community, you share an emotional bond. When there is tension, everyone can feel it regardless if they are directly involved or not. It is the same with joy, excitement and challenge.

But a community is never more united than when they are in grief together.

This past Sunday one of the kids that attend our camps was in a horrific car accident that saw her ejected from the car. For the last 2 days we have been holding vigil as she was put on life support. Today she died.

I don’t know the girl or her family. But it does not really matter. I share life with those that do, and they are grieving and so I share in that grief as I listen to them, pray and just be present. That is community. That is love. And that is what we are called too.


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  1. mcwilly1 says:

    That is community – and we do sense the grief and loss – even here on Vancouver Island.

  2. Amen…sending love and prayers

  3. suz says:

    and from all the way over here. feeling and praying with you all, and so sorry not to be there in person. so much love to everyone.

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