The school nurse.

The school the girls are now attending has, among other things, a full time school nurse. I can literally count on one finger the times the girls have needed medical attention at school prior to this year.

However, this year we are tormenting the school nurse. Her and I have had some down and dirty fights about Bear’s vaccinations (or lack thereof). For a multitude of reasons, including the fact that I got lazy, Bear was way behind in her shots. That did not sit well with the nurse and we had received several ‘warnings’ about our lack of compliance. Unfortunately, Bear tends to have bad reactions to shots, so I’m unwilling to push through really fast. It is now March, and we are finally on track.

Then, 2 weeks ago I get a call that Bear has had an accident at school and that I needed to come and take her to the hospital. Turns out that she basically shredded her left hand. I arrive in the nurse’s office to see blood everywhere and my kid cradling her hand covered in gauze.

One week ago, Bear came home from school with goopy pink eyes. The nurse worried it was pink eye.  Turns out it was allergies.

Then this past Thursday, while I’m in a meeting in Pennsylvania, I get a call that Bear had made it to the doorway of the nurse’s office, then vomited all over.

I think we probably owe the school nurse a gift card of some sort for this past month.


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