Spring cleaning.

photoNo one would ever accuse me of having a pristine house. Somehow the good ole Dutch clean gene was diluted down to a comfortable chaos gene. For me, I hate clutter and need clean bathrooms. But rarely will you see me chasing down every dust particle.

However, I do tend to have manic cleaning jags that sneak up on me, usually when I’m preparing to travel for work. I go into nesting mode where all the laundry gets done, fridge and pantry get stocked and the house is cleaned.

This weekend was the full on Costco trip and a complete clean up of our pantry and kitchen. Walls and floors were scrubbed, shelves reorganized and stocked and windows cleaned. In my defense, the kitchen and pantry are thoroughfares for both my family and the youth group. It gets dirty quick. But, besides a quick sweep and mop, it hadn’t really been cleaned in a while. It was so clean that my family actually paused in the doorway and asked if they were allowed in.

I was tempted to say NO.


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