Pineapples on houses.


This week I went on Bear’s final school trip. I haven’t been able to go on any of the girls’ trips this year and Bear begged me to come on this one. I figured I should because how much longer are the girls going to want us to come to events like that?!?! (For the record, I feel the same way about cuddles, hand holding and selfies with the girls…gotta take advantage while they still think we are cool!)

Anyways, on this historical tour of our town, the guide pointed out the pineapples on the houses. Apparently a pineapple on a house, whether it is a door knocker, a plaque or carved posts such as these were indicators that you could find hospitality in the home. A pineapple was a sign to a weary traveler that they could find food and lodging and more importantly, welcome.

I never knew that. I also never knew these were pineapples…I thought they were some sort of weird acorn which makes less sense, but whatever.

It did make me think about how people recognize places of hospitality now. My personal theology weaves the idea of hospitality as fairly central to the gospel and how we live our lives. However, putting one of these on our front stoop is unlikely to let people know that. So how do we do it now? And how should we do it?

I have no answer, but it is a good problem to ponder.


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