The life of an anxious dog.

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 presetThis absolutely terrible picture of Sophie perfectly captures her life as an anxious dog. She was literally vibrating so hard in fear that I could not get my camera still enough to focus.

Sophie seems to be afraid of everything. Garbage cans, light poles, loud raindrops, unexpected noises, men and of course, thunderstorms.

Last night she refused to go outside for nearly 12 hours because of the rain and storms. To her credit, she did not pee on my carpet (that I’ve found), but it wasn’t until I put the leash on and dragged her outside that she went to the bathroom. Then she promptly started pulling me back home (we had traveled about 500 metres from our back door) and flat out laid down when I tried to get her to walk.

She is also not eating much. I can’t tell if it is the heat, the lack of the girls in the house or the string of storms we’ve had…it could possibly be all 3….

I’m not sure what my threshold for worrying should be, but I’m getting close.



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