The Puker and The Sniffler

Since birth, each girl has their own distinct patterns of getting sick.

KJ is our puker, forever waking us in the middle of the night covered in a mess. It was a glorious day when she finally mastered the art of running to the bathroom.

The Bear is our sniffly one. Cursed with allergies, it is often difficult to discern when it is a cold or an allergy attack. Often one will morph into the other.

Since I’m battling my second bout of the flu in less than 6 weeks, I should have known a day like today was coming. I woke to the calls of KJ over the toilet, and view of a painfully swollen Bear’s sinuses.

Lots of quiet time, art, reading and movie watching for the three of us today. Please pray that we heal up in time for me to jump on a plane to Malawi in 10 days!


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