The Yellow Pages

Remember back in the day when the yellow pages and white pages books would land on your doorstep? Big, thick books that you could use as doorstops or weights?

They are no more. Today’s version is less than 1/2 inch thick and my first thought was to recycle it right away. Until the Bear asked me about the book. Jeff and I began to explain the purpose of the yellow pages and the confusion on her face was priceless.

To find a friend’s number you had to flip through a book? Or a plumber? How would you know if they are good without reviews? You just randomly pick one? Her questions were hilarious and served to not only make Jeff and I feel old but highlighted the fact that our generation was really the one to straddle the line of low tech and high tech living.

We still have the book, but recycling day is Tuesday.


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  1. Sharon says:

    I love that all the info that used to be in those giant, heavy books can now be found online. My husband uses those books for BB Gun practice or something or other. So, we do still get some use out of them, I suppose.

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