Hopes and dreams for 2015

Now that the girls are getting older, conversations about life are both interesting and terrifying. So when the new year rolled around, Jeff and I were intentional about asking the girls what they were looking forward too in 2015. We explained the crazy tradition of making resolutions and what that looked like, but that we were more interested in what they wanted 2015 to look like for them. What were their hopes, dreams or things they wanted to learn about?

What was so fascinating to all 4 of us is how all of our first 2 hopes were the same:

Gratitude and health. We all, in some shape or form, wanted to be more grateful for our lives in intentional ways. Currently the girls are expressing this in an overabundant use of emojis via texts to Jeff and I. And as for health, the girls wanted to go swimming more. The last 2 for the girls were similar as well, they want to do well in school and travel.

For me, I had 3 key words for 2015:

Gratitude – The practice of it. Right now for me that looks like simple journal entries of what I’m grateful for. Today it was hot showers on a cold day.

Health – This is not a resolution to go to the gym more (though that is certainly part of it!) But more of a realization that I’m 40, soon to be 41, and I haven’t been to a doctor or dentist since we moved here. I want to eat well and watch my mental status closely. It is more of a holistic health view as a opposed to a goal oriented one.

Creativity – The pursuit of it and the encouraging of it in others. Again this takes various forms for me, gardening, photography, writing. But it is also the freedom to try other things, to push the girls and Jeff to explore their creative side and trying to make that happen whenever and wherever we are.

2015 is looking pretty fine from where I sit.


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