The 3 room shuffle

We currently live in a huge 100+ year old house. However, we primarily live in 800 square feet of it, plus the use of the kitchen. That basically means we live in 4 bedrooms on the second floor. The first floor is for the church’s use and the third floor is really far away. (But perfect for visitors!)

For the first 2 years, we used 3 of the rooms as bedrooms and one as a living room. The great benefit of living like this is that we don’t have a lot of room for stuff, so we live more simply. But it also meant if I needed space, our bedroom was my only real refuge.

This all changed last weekend. The girls had been sleeping in the same room for the last 5 months, with KJ sleeping on a mat on Bear’s floor. It was getting messy and unsustainable. Bear had the tiniest room and KJ had the biggest. Logically, a switch to KJ ‘s room would have made the most sense. But of course, they didn’t want that. So the 3 room shuffle began.

The girls moved to our room, the mid sized one. We moved to KJ’s room which gave us the walk in closet! And the most exciting part is that we turned Bear’s room into an office/creative space. The only screen allowed is my computer for studying, but when I’m not studying, the rolltop goes down and reading, music and art happens.

It was a beast of a week purging and moving, but we are all excited about our new spaces.


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