The day my dog lost her mind.


Between the furnace guys trying to fix our furnace and the aggressive squirrel army in our back yard, Sophie lost her mind.

We have been having some slight issues with our furnace these last weeks. Waking up to a house that is 57 degrees Fahrenheit (which is equivalent to freaking cold! in Celsius), we finally had a group of bulky repair men traipsing through our house the other day.

Sophie does not like men. Especially not men in our house. I thought she was either going to lose her voice or blow a clot in her brain with her anxious, ferocious barking. I finally threw her outside to soothe my own frayed nerves, but I forgot about the squirrels.

This house is a squirrel magnet. Squirrels have chewed through the roof in the past, causing damage to Bear’s old room. After months of trapping and ‘relocating’ them. (Read: the guy trapping them was selling them as meat to hungry folks) we had several blissful squirrel free months. But now a new crew is back and they are relentless. They straight up chewed up our garbage cans so they can access our food. They do not give a rip about us. Poor Sophie does her level best to chase them down, but they just heckle her from the tree or fence top.

Suffice it to say, between the men and the squirrels, Sophie was beside herself. When the guys finally left several hours and I manage to get Sophie back in the house, we both needed a nap.


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