On concussion protocol.

Me and KiaraImagine you are at work on a Friday afternoon and you get a call from the school nurse.

‘Mrs VanderKuip? I have KJ in my office…she walked into a wall and hurt her head.’

OK, I will admit that I laughed. KJ is all arms and legs and gangly right now and is a bit uncoordinated as she is in a growth spurt. I couldn’t come get her from school, so she rested in the nurse’s office till the end of the day.

Now, KJ is a bit of ‘cry wolf’ kinda kid when it comes to injuries…everything is a 10 when it comes to pain. So we are a little unsympathetic when it comes to whining about stuff. However, when the headache didn’t stop over the weekend and I got another call from the school nurse on Monday (seriously, I think she has us on speed dial), I took her to a nurse practitioner friend.  Our friend graciously listened to KJ’s whole story, did her assessment and then promptly told me to take her to the doctor. Jeff took KJ and sure enough, she has a serious concussion.

Parenting fail.

KJ now has to spend the next few days in a dark room. No music, no screens, no reading. Just resting her poor, bruised brain. When she makes it to a day where there is not a constant headache, she can do 1/2 days of school. But, she is not symptom free until 5 days without a headache. Even if we make it to Day 4 and she gets a headache, the protocol starts all over again.

I am grateful for friends who listen to my kid when we don’t and for a job that it flexible enough that I can be home 75% of the time with her.


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