A glimpse in the mirror

I am not one for spending lots of time on getting ready for the day. I am a pretty simple woman. If I take more than 20 minutes in the morning, shower included, I get flustered with myself. I DO NOT understand my girls’ current obsession with Bath and BodyWorks and their need to have multiple lotions, shower gels, lip gloss…the list goes on.

I know that I am pretty lucky in terms of genetics. I am probably the tallest woman on my side of the family, with a slimmer build. I’ve inherited my mother’s ability to look younger than I really am (or I’m just immature) and for the most part my body works and allows me to do what I want.

But today I caught a sideways glimpse of myself in the mirror and was surprised to find that I didn’t quite like what I saw. I think in my head I have a certain picture of myself and today it looked like a different body was attached to my head. A fall season that saw me work too much, eat poorly and a bad shoulder injury have all contributed to a body that that doesn’t match my inner idea of myself. If I cared enough to step on a scale, I’d probably find that my inner weight and actual weight don’t match up either.

This is an interesting dilemma for a mother of preteen girls. This is where the hard work of parenting comes in and the tricky navigating of body image comes into play. How do I acknowledge that at this exact moment I do not feel great about myself, but that it is more than about weight or appearance? How do I work towards the body I’m more comfortable in without becoming obsessive about food and exercise?

I don’t really have the answers yet. But it probably starts with simply modeling the way I want to live versus the need to change my body.

It also probably starts with removing the huge bag of chocolate that is sitting on my desk.


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  1. I hate exercising, but I found a Crossfit gym in my local town and go to the classes 3 times a week (1 hour long each). I have made such great friendships and seen such amazing results. Is it hard yes. but only for that 1 hour. It has been so great for me! Hope you find your answers!

    1. Thanks for your encouragement!

  2. suz says:

    dibs on the chocolate… 🙂 if only. it’s a hard balance to get right, but you’re an awesome parent and your girls have good heads on their shoulders. i go through seasons of being willing to exercise and not, and then coming to terms with what my body does in each. some days i love the mirror, others i hate it.

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