Trying to simplify.

  For a brief time this January I thought that we would have to pack up our life and move at a moment’s notice. Despite living in less than 1000 square feet, there is still clutter in our space. 

One of my goals/habits for 2016 is to live simply. So every week I try to declutter and reorganize a tiny portion of our house. So far I’ve done our paperwork/filing cabinet, linen closet and pantry. 

Today was my dresser. KJ is now just 6 inches shorter than me and is beginning to fit into some of my shirts and is the same shoe size. So as I culled my dresser and shoes, she scooped up what she wanted. I ended up with a bag to donate and a dresser full of clothes that I will actually wear.
I am definitely entering a stage in life where the need to have everything decluttered and tidy is important to me. 

Hello 42! My mother is rejoicing.


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