UrbanPromise and Us

In 1996 Jeff and I met while serving in Camden, NJ at UrbanPromise Ministries. Now, almost 17 years later, we are heading back to the mission field to serve with UrbanPromise again.  Jeff is going to be volunteering as the BoatWorks Director, building canoes, kayaks and sailboats with children and teens.  I am going to working with UrbanPromise International as the Director of the School of Entrepreneurial Leadership and Sustainability. (A fancy title for working with international interns and sites)

Although this opportunity has been in the works for a few months, we are hoping to move Jan 26, 2013.

We are inviting people to join us in this exciting time of our lives through this blog, prayer and support.


This is huge move, not only cross country but international.  It involves expenses and visa issues.

For our daughters who are understandably nervous and sad about leaving all that they know in terms of family, friends, church and school.  Pray for new friends, a sense of calm and an attitude of excitement for new adventures.

For our drive across the USA.  We will be driving across in a week, we plan to dip further south and drive across and up to avoid a harsh Mid-West winter.

For our new home in Haddonfield, a church manse.  That we can develop this new space into a sanctuary for our family, a welcoming space for those we work with and a good relationship with the church.

For new community and friends to be found and made.

For Jeff as he picks up the leadership role at Boatworks.  He needs to learn the rhythms of the shop, meet all the kids and teens involved and manage the volunteers.

For me as I step into a team of staff, meet all the interns and learn about all the details of UP International.  There will be a steep learning curve.


Going back to the mission field means the need for support.  We will be receiving a base salary (although recent news indicates that only I may qualify for a visa). We are able to facilitate support donations through UrbanPromise Vancouver, which will allow you to receive a tax donation receipt.  Please email us at: vanderkuips@gmail.com for more information if interested.

Moving expenses: $13 000 – It is not cheap to move across country!

Monthly support: $350 – We are hoping to raise this amount to help offset the cost of living in NJ; especially the cost of educational support for Kiara.

Ways to give:

Donate through Canada Helps:  Click here and give, please note that you are supporting Jeff and Nadia VanderKuip

Call UrbanPromise Ministries Vancouver to set up monthly giving through a credit card or mail postdated cheques.  Please speak with Dennis – 604.709.9177


This blog will become your window into our new lives.  We hope you read, comment and think of us!

Just a note: The house we are staying at has 8 bedrooms….lots of room for guests!  Or you can come and volunteer for a week, 2 months or a year!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. oddsandens says:

    I somehow missed this post. BIG change! Will be praying for you!

    1. Not so much a post as a page….but yes, big change. Prayer is greatly appreciated…especially for our paperwork process right now.

  2. johnthwaites says:

    I remember you telling me about this opportunity last year… So excited for you and your family. Big changes ahead! So thankful for the relationship that we have and hope that we can come for a visit/mission trip? Take care Nadia and God Bless!

    1. YES! Come with your youth group or family! I think Jared from Calgary is coming this summer, Jeremy from Edmonton did it last summer…

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